The all-light, Sennrigar, hub of the universe has been doused, the ether-planets have been swathed in ice and darkness, though our world, Genera, sixteenth from Sennrigar, has been the least effected. Small pockets of civilisation still remain on my surface, the other planets have lost contact. I am forced to write this on paper, technology seems to have powered down for the time being, a trace ammount of energy is left in the the power-stations, even though they have been frozen solid. A single candle lights my desk, and even as I scribble down these notes, i can feel civilisation slipping backwards, back into the old ways. In one-hundred years, all technology will have been buried under ice, and only the hardiest of life-forms will survive. It is my hope that the future generations will find my notes. Yes, even as you read this, all around you lay the ruins of Az-Gragganoth, the all-hub, capable of contacting other planets, and bringing back the world as it once was. It is my hope that you will be able to reach the veil covering Sennrigar, and tear it from its shadowy moorings. Though you most likely have no semblance of the now ‘old’ technology, you must trust in my words. Find power for the all-hub and warp yourself to Neo-Anthropis, from there you must find the next Sector-Hub, and continue your journey through all fifteen planets. Bring life back to the worlds, that, is my last request.

All-Hub Overseer, Genera

Obsidian Nights: The Darkest Time